Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Knitwear Edit

I love the fact that it's now October.  Despite September heralding the end of holidays and start of school, to me it's definitely still a summer month.  I got excited when it got cold for the first time a few weeks ago and excitedly put on my thickest tights, wooly kilt and my two most missed favorite cashmere layers.  Hours later the sun had decided to reappear and I was left in the middle of Oxford, sweltering in my winter get up. Now it's October I feel I can count on real, proper, crisp, cold days.  Time to bring out the thickest, polar arctic ready wardrobe.
Every day my emails are full of visionary new winter layers with my name all over them. The problem is that everything seems to cost a million pounds.  When did everything get so ridiculously expensive?
 I've done a bit editing to bring you my top favourites.

Madeleine Thompson 
cashmere split side jumper.

Me & Em 
chunky cashmere scarf.

Chinti and Parker 
Pink pocket vision.

Cashmere poncho from London-Boutiques.

Zara handmade cape.

Madeleine Thompson 
Colour block cashmere.

Chinti and Parker
Neon elbow, navy cashmere cardigan.

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