Monday, 13 May 2013

Magic beans

It's not a topic I've ever written about before and I probably wont again.  But it's something that is so magical that I couldn't not share it.  I was feeling very sorry for myself last week.   We were about to fly out to France for a Cub-free 48 hours -  our first holiday with friends in forever -  and I woke up feeling horrendous.  Shivery, sore throat, headache.  Death's door.    So I took two of my new little fizzing magic discoveries and  - I know I  exaggerate -  but I'm really not when I say half an hour later that I was a new person. I've since been doling them out to anyone who will listen and they too are dumfounded by their miraculousness. I cannot believe they are legal.  They're not even guarded behind the counter, they're found just hanging out in the aisles with plain old 16p paracetamol. 

I wont go on but just to say my magic cure is called Aspro Clear.  You can get it anywhere and it'll be the best £2.50 you'll ever spend.

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