Friday, 10 May 2013

Camilla Franks

I've got one of my best friends, my brother and my sister in law's weddings this year.  That's a lot of good outfits.  I don't really feel I can recycle dresses for any of them.  Each one deserves a new creation. When it comes down to it Im sure there'll be a melt down and my trusty green Chloe will be worn to all three.  But for now, I've got six months to hunt down some serious sensations.

Nothing's really been exciting me until I came across Camilla Franks' new Gypset collection.  Slightly Altuzarra meets Mary Katrantzou.  Wild in the aisles, colour, fringing and patterns.  Right up my street but slightly concerned about distracting from the brides.  Maybe if I left the Maharaja stylie hat behind....

Her collections are available in Harrods in the UK

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