Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cashmere Crush

I've got a new find.  It's probably been around for years but I've only just discovered it and it's making me very happy.  One of my great (clothing) loves in this World is Chinti & Parker.  Their cashmere jumpers send me over the edge with excitement.  They are the peak of chic and when I win the lottery I will be buying one of each style, in every possible colour.  The problem is their prices.  They've recently shot through the rooftops and unless I miraculously find one on ebay, our love affair, for now,  is on hold.
So, back to my new find.  It's depressing to be writing about cashmere when it's nearly June; I've tried pretending it's summer; I've stopped wearing socks, dug out the flimsy dresses and the biker boots are at the back of the wardrobe.   But when it will insist on hailing and snowing all day, what is one to do?

Answer.  Go and check out 360 Sweater. The pink and stripy one landed on my doorstep last night and I cant take my eyes off her.   She really is a thing of beauty.  So light weight - perfect even when the sun decides to put his hat back on -  beautiful colours and brilliant detailing. I'm hooked already and cant quite get this lime green stripe sensation out of my thoughts...

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