Wednesday, 9 January 2013

43 days and counting

The laptop saga did not end well.  They wanted thousands to fix it and said it would be cheaper to start again and buy a new one.  Post Christmas extravagance, this has not gone down well.  My kitchen consequently looks like NASA headquarters.  Since meltdown, I have been lent four laptops and an ipad.  I flit -  rather technically I feel -  from one to another depending on what Im doing.  One for Topshop, another for Net-a-porter type thing... I imagine quite like a trader might do.

So, I'm starting again.  As far as Im concerned, yesterday was January 1st.  I'm giving myself a clean slate and forgetting everything that's happened so far this year.  Onwards and upwards.  Although the next thing on my horizon is my thirtieth birthday.  I wont lie, I am slightly freaking out about it.  I've been planning an extravaganza for the last five years and now it's here - in precisely 43 days - I actually don't want it to happen.  I like being in my 20s.  Thirty feels a bit too grown up.  People who are 30 should know how everything works.  Be properly responsible. And wear suits.  
I might spend the next six weeks doing twenty-year-old-things.  Not quite sure what this might entail but then when the big 3-0 actually happens I'll be well and truly exhausted and ready to wave goodbye to my youth.  

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