Friday, 2 November 2012

Spirit of Christmas

It feels a bit wrong that today's the second of November and not December.  The last two weeks have been so Christmasy and festive - decking the halls for the shoot last week and then at the Spirit of Christmas Fair this week - it doesnt feel right that there's still seven weeks to go.  I went  to the fair at Olympia to help my brother Ned on his Not Another Bill stall.  Not that much helping got done; I got  in an excited frenzy the second I walked in the door.  I tried to be helpful and played shop keeper for all of ten minutes.   But then with the excuse that I was taking up far too much room and didn't want to put off potential shoppers- there were three other, better and far more knowledgable notanotherbillers at hand - slipped off into the festive throng.

The Not Another Bill stall

There were so many great stalls but annoyingly I wasn't really feeling in the mood or ready to start my shopping. Usually, I've written about five lists by now and know exactly who's getting what.  This year I'm a bit tardy.

There were a few sellers though that I'm definitely going to come back to when I do get my act together.  My favourite find was a life-size reindeer made out of lavender from Pollyfields. Not quite sure about where it'd go or what it'd do but I can deal with that when the time comes.  I really feel my life would benefit from a  giant, scented reindeer. Imagine the sleeping...

I couldn't tear myself away from the tissue pompom bunting at the Petra Boase stand. I contemplated buying hundreds and stringing them up around the house but on second thoughts thought Chaz might summon the men in white coats.  Although it is the Big Cub's birthday next week... handy excuse if I ever did hear one.   

My final fave was a children's cashmere company called Olivier Baby. The softest cashmere I've ever felt in which you design your own jumper - you pick your own colour, trim and motif.  The only annoying thing is the biggest size is for a five year old and Im not sure that the whole crop top look is very me...

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