Saturday, 24 November 2012

Magical Mauritius

So we are back from our heavenly Mauritian escape.  A whole week of doing absolutely nothing.  We basically lay on a sun bed for seven days straight; getting up occasionally for a spring roll - (Mine and Chaz's long-standing, unhealthy obsession) - a quick dip in the sea or if we were feeling particularly energetic, a walk along the beach to hunt for shells.

A very nosy Bullbull bird

Slightly obsessed with this starry lantern in our villa

We'd been advised not to venture out of the resort by people who'd been there before.  I'm not quite sure why; something to do with being too touristy. We followed the advice except for on two occasions.  

Top, top, top of my bucket list is to swim with Dolphins.  But not just swim about next to them; I want to actually make friends with them. Do a few tricks/laugh around/ tell a few jokes kind of thing.  So when we were offered a chance to do this; "Yes! absolutely. of course you'll be able to hug them, play around.  Just like Flipper". I could barely breathe with excitement.  
We had to get up at the crack of dawn on the big day and even after barely sleeping (busy planning my moves)  I couldn't care less as we zoomed off to find my nbf.  
It could have been the disappointment of the Century.  Long story short, we got there and were met by about fifteen other boats jammed full of people with the same idea.  So much for the private one on one.  As a spectator, it would have been hilarious.  100, freezing, mostly fat tourists, trying to negotiate flippers, snorkels and masks while being ordered to fling ourselves off the side of the boat "NOW, NOW, NOW" every time there was a mere glimpse of a fin.  I think I saw one of their noses.  About fifty metres away.  I was mostly trying to get my mask on in time and by the time I had, we were being hauled back on the boat again.   

"now, now, now!"

Heavenly Sophia Rogge sarong

After that excursion we pretty much stayed put.  Carried on as we had been, happy as Larry.  
We've now been back home for five days and the Cubs are making me pay for leaving, big time. Constant crying/shouting/up all night-ing.   I probably feel worse than I did pre-vancance.  But it was worth every single second.  Flipper or not.  

The Mauritian athletics team in training.

Local Police station


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