Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy Birthday Cub!

It was the biggest Cub's third birthday this week.  The last few days have been a blur of balloon blowing, cake craft and Fin McMissile.  Why anyone would consciously choose to be a children's party planner - I'm not quite sure.  Two days on, I still feel like I've been hit by a truck.  
I was determined to make his cake myself.  The last two years I've made a relatively simple hedgehog.  This time a pesky hedgehog was not going to cut it. It's replacement? A Formula One race track with the whole cast of Cars 2 in attendance.  Obviously.

It took two days;  Even deliberating the right shade of green for the 'grass' took Chaz and I a good couple of hours.  But it was worth every single second.  He has talked about it non stop ever since.   Even though it was verging on inedible.

Mars Cars

Had I actually remembered to put the Mars Cars out, I think they might have stolen the show.

 There's a few more months to go until the next birthday extravaganza but for now, I need a lie down.  And lie down I shall have.  In precisely six hours, Chaz and I will be, mid air, en route to some sun and a seriously needed time out.  For now all I have to worry about is packing, not thinking about leaving the Cubs behind and what to do if this fake tan oompa-loompa look  doesn't actually wash off.

Until next week! 


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