Friday, 5 October 2012

My Chatelles

I love that feeling you get when you find something new that is so brilliant and exciting.  You can't believe you haven't known about it until now.  How have you not known?
I don't generally go for a slipper shoe.  I love the look on other people.  But they aren't really me.  They're a bit neat. Too structured. And on the whole, seriously uncomfy. This new find though, Im sure, is going to be the one to covert me.  I feel it in my bones.

It's a French company called Chatelles.  And basically, it's shoe pick 'n mix.  You choose your shoe colour and material and then decide if you want tassels or monogrammed initials.  I'm having a bit of an issue deciding which ones I'd have. But leaning slightly more towards the tassel variety today.  Maybe a tasselled, Liberty print?

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