Sunday, 7 October 2012

Launch Invitations

I've been looking forward to my book launch since the day I signed the contract.  I'm not quite sure what part of it that I've been really been looking forward to.  Maybe just what it symbolises.  The fact that I've actually done it and it's real.  
I'm completely obsessed with stationary and so the invitation is a big thing.  I want it to be as beautiful and original as it can be.  I've spent hours trawling thorough images and fonts trying to narrow down my best.  What I really want is for the genius Happy Menocal to create something magical for me...

I have a real thing for birds...

Neon handwriting

Text over a photograph

In my dreams - hand embroidery.

Love this font

Happy Menocal

One of my faves..

 Watercolour over text

More designs by Happy Menocal.

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