Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cub's Clothing

I really struggle finding nice clothes for the Cubs.  Everywhere I go, I come across divine, tiny Liberty print dresses; lovely bright coloured tights and heavenly printed skirts that I would love to wear myself.  Shopping for little girls is easy as pie.  Finding plain, simple boys clothes that aren't logo-ed up to the max is a tricky business.  Cub senior was definitely a Nudist in a former life; Getting him to wear anything for more than five minutes is a major battle in itself.  But at times when he does give in to my pleas, both Cubs are walking, talking GAP adverts.  Maybe with a bit of Little White Company thrown in occasionally too.  But even GAP are throwing a spanner in the works now and putting silly little bear logos everywhere.  So when one of my all time favourite companies 'Waddler' sent me an email telling me about their new cotton range, I was jumping up and down with excitement.  As expected, the few new pieces are divine - I'm especially loving the llama print shirt. So simple and cool.


I'm such a huge fan of the company that the lovely Philip and Marina have offered all my readers a 15% discount until the end of October.  Just put 'WILLOWROSE' in the discount box et voila...
Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

I love these clothes thank you for solving my little guys winter wardrobe issue! I have also been trying to avoid that little golden bear which seems one baby step away from Lyle and Scott. Have you tried MiniBoden.
Great blog thank you x

Tracy said...

Hey Willow
not sure if you have seen naomie's ( Honi's sister) collection of childrens clothing pretty cool Marmalade and Mash