Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Shoe of the Gods

I used to have a real problem with shoes.  
A problem in the way that I couldn't stop buying them.  When we moved to France it slowed down a bit.  We were living in the middle of the countryside and opportunities to wear anything other than a flip flop were minimal.
Then I was the size of a house - twice - and a heel wasn't really an option.  
Now however, there's nothing standing in my way and the obsession is back with a vengeance.

All I've been able to think about for the past few days are Louis Vuitton's bow beauty pumps.  

They are about four seasons old now so practically vintage.  They are also practically impossible to track down.  On a positive note, working out how I'm going to get my hands on them is keeping me distracted  while rocking the smallest Cub to sleep hour after hour after hour.
On a not so positive note, how on earth am I going to get them?  I am like a woman possessed. I need help - that preferably comes in the shape of the red velvet ones... 

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