Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rose Tinted

Chaz has always put up with our homes being very pretty and flowery.  So doing up this house, I made a real effort to make it as non-girly as possible.  The whole place is painted various tones of blue and grey and I'm now suddenly wishing it wasn't.  I am desperately craving pink.  I'm having an adverse reaction to being surrounded by all things male.  I've had enough of lorries, cars, weapons and mess.  I want to sit in  clean, pretty, airy light rooms and look at beautiful, whimsical things that could belong to fairies.  Im exaggerating - but you get the picture.

Part of this new pink movement is my obsession with pink lustreware china.  Until last week I didn't know it's name meaning my hunting was restricted.  Now I know what it's called, there's no stopping me. In fact I've discovered there are thousands of other lustreware loonies out there too permanently on the search for a shiny pink, new hit...

my latest ebay arrivals

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