Thursday, 24 May 2012

Praise be Shellac

I know they've been around for years  but I had Shellac done on my nails for the first time last week.  If you're not aware of this Shellac magic - in a nutshell - it's nail varnish that is painted on in the normal way, set with UV light, dries instantly and then lasts for a minimum of two weeks, maybe three.
I've always been slightly sceptical about it.  They've always reminded me of acrylic nails which aren't really my cup of tea. 
 A normal manicure lasts about an hour on me - I've often smudged them getting my credit card out of my bag before I've even left the salon.  So last friday before the wedding I ventured into downtown Witney for a spot of Shellac.
I was fully prepared to be disappointed and didn't for one minute, think that they would actually live up to their hype.   I've given them a proper run for their money  - endless washing up, gardening, a lot of drumming them on the table, swimming - and a week on they are still super shiny and chip free.  They are nothing short of a sensation. Still feeling rather fragile after the weekend, it's such a joy to look down to sparkly red nails rather than hideous, chipped varnish.  They say there's no bad long term effects but for now,  they're so swanky, I couldn't care less.

My nails a week on...

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