Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pompoms and Panamas

If I was a car, the red light would have been on for the last week. The Cub has been ill since thursday and now Chaz is tucked up in bed too. All thanks to the delightful builders who have kindly passed on their man flus.
I'm not allowed to be ill until at least friday. We are shooting part two of my book, 'Pompoms and Panamas' this week, so I have to be on my most sparkling, clever, full of ideas behavoiur. I am dosing myself up with everything I possibly can. Not a lot of choice when you're this pregnant. Hot honey and lemon being the most potent...I thought I'd perk myself up with my heavenly This Works Energy bath this morning. Even that's not allowed so I had to empty and re-run one without the magic energy burst. Good start.
I think adrenalin and excitement of the shoot will get me through and come the weekend I can collapse.
Until then, wish me luck, I'll be back on friday!

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