Friday, 21 October 2011

Jurlique at the Sanderson

I was honoured to be invited to a swanky lunch at the Sanderson Hotel last week to celebrate the launch of Jurlique into their spa. I thought it would be a very casual, typical press day and nearly fell over when I walked into the very glitzy, proper sit down ladies lunch. Being there on behalf of a spa meant that lunch was a (very small) plate of health. Lots of special sprouting seeds, steamed fish etc. Very delicious but thank god I'd eaten half a kilo of pick'n mix from the massive Topshop en route.
Skincare wise, it couldn't have been more perfectly timed. I usually love it when a moisturiser comes to the end of it's life but this time, with every penny we have being thrown at the builders, I couldn't quite face coughing up another £100. So when I was sent home with a bag of Jurlique creations I was completely over the moon. It's only been a week so obviously no drastic results yet but I have to say, I think Dr Weil is already getting a good run for his money.

The table in the conservatory at the Sanderson

Dr Chloe Delevigne, Actresses Clara Paget and Flee Brudenell Bruce

Host Yasmin Le Bon

Health on a plate

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