Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bedroom Blues

I've been waiting for this moment for weeks. We have finally made a decision on what colour to paint our bedroom. And today is the day. With all the other rooms I've felt fairly certain with our choices. They were all easy decisions, nothing too drastic. But with this one, we've practically gone gothic. Couldn't be more un-me if it tried. At the moment it's a lovely, safe, cream and blue spot wallpaper. We could have lived with it happily for a few more years. But no, change is good.
So we've been living with six different options splashed on our bedroom walls for the past two weeks. Each time I think we've got it and then one of us goes off it...

Looking at them now in that photo above I still cant quite believe that we've gone with the one we have. Surely it'd be nicer and prettier to have gone with the bottom middle lilac-y blue one?

Below is the state of the room as I write. Luca the painter is jumping into his overalls, brush in hand.

No turning back now..
Until tomorrow.

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