Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Countdown Begins

This time next week, we will be on our way to the new house. I got to the point last weekend where I thought it would never happen. But yesterday, a miracle happened. We actually exchanged. After months of anticipation and waiting, when it finally happened, I thought there would be fireworks, jumping around the room with excitement, a bit of screaming. Instead I stood there in a complete daze - despite being surrounded by about fifty screaming children in the 'soft play' are of my gym - unable to quite work out what to do next. I think I should probably be packing things up already, making lists, calling councils etc. Chaz and I printed off a 'things to do when you move house' list from the internet and now it's become my bible. I made a start last night, obviously beginning with the most important - redirecting my magazine subscriptions. I just knew that trying to talk to BT or the gas man would require readings from places I don't know exist and send me into a melt down. Not what we need.
So today, when the Cub and I aren't puddle jumping, I will be surgically glued to the phone. And maybe doing a bit of bathroom research at the same time. The only structural things we need to do in the new house are bathroom related. Putting a shower in, taking out a bath, proper heavy stuff. I think I might start gently with wallpaper...

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Ariana said...

I want to live in all of these photographs!