Sunday, 31 July 2011

Present and Correct

There's something about the first of the month and a Monday morning that sends me into organisation overdrive. Definitely time for a sort out and some new lists. I've been obsessed with stationary since I was tiny. I can still remember with vivid clarity, the excitement at the end of each school holiday, when I would go to WH Smiths and buy a whole new pencil case filled with pens, rubbers, paper. Anything I could get my hands on. I would insist that it was the only way I could possibly go back to school happy.
Still today, a new notebook can make my day. I do try not to buy other notebooks and only use Willow Rose ones. But sometimes, I feel it's good to test out my competition. I've often dream of setting up a stationary boutique selling gorgeous cards, books and beautiful hand made papers.
I'm very excited by my latest find as unusually, they aren't going to bankrupt me. Well, individually at least... They would look very good en masse though.
There's a brilliant stationary company called Present and Correct who stock a huge range of vintage inspired notebooks. Just like you had at school. I adore the retro simplicity of them and think they will look particularly nice in my new office.

Colour block notebook. £5

Shapes Notebook. £4

Linen recipe book. £9.50

Diamond and Stripes Notebook. £4.50

Some of my Willow Rose notebook collection

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