Saturday, 16 July 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're back from our French holiday, all in one piece. Maybe a bit larger pieces than when we left as all we seemed to do was eat. As usual, our days were planned around what we were going to eat. Mostly it was lunches that would go on for hours. There's something about being on holiday that means you're never full. You can just eat and eat and eat. My usual healthy eating went completely out the window and was replaced by a lot of 'nems' - deep fried spring rolls wrapped in lettuce and mint - and cheese. Very tasty but I've never craved vegetables so badly as I did sitting on the Stansted Express coming home last night. Supper was going to have to be slightly healthy with nothing remotely deep fried in sight. I came up with quite a tasty seared beef and roasted tomato salad concoction. The perfect way to ease us back into non holiday eating.

2 small fillet steaks
asparagus tips
raw baby spinach leaves
french beans
cherry tomatoes
A mustard based vinaigrette

Chop the tomatoes in half and put in the oven at 180 degrees for about half an hour.
Cook the beans and asparagus and then plunge into icy water so they stay bright green. Keep them on ice until you're ready to use them.
Sear your beef fillets on a high heat, then turn the heat down slightly and cook until they're the colour you like.
Let the beef sit for ten minutes and then slice into thin slices.

Sprinkle your salad and spinach leaves onto a big wooden board.
Cut up the beans and asparagus and sprinkle them on top of the salad.
Then add the beef strips, tomatoes and dressing.
Shave some big bits of parmesan on top et voila...

Bon Apetit!

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