Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Min Hogg's Seaweed Walls

So I went down to see the new house on Friday and it's every bit as gorgeous as I remembered. I was definitely wearing my rose tinted glasses on my first visit though and this time round noticed that we will be needing to do far more work than we imagined. I think we're pretty much going to be re painting and re carpeting the whole house, from top to bottom. As much as I'm thrilled by a project, I have no idea whatsoever where to begin. Wallpaper has become such an obsession that the minute we get onto house chat, it's the only thing I think about. Carpets and paint colours just fade into oblivion. I went to Peter Jones yesterday to look at carpet samples and ended up speaking to a particularly unhelpful moron. When I asked him to show me his herringbone jute selection he snorted at me and told me that was a 'stupid choice' for a hallway. The wallpaper ladies on the other hand, couldn't have been more helpful if they tried.
Even though I haven't made any decisions yet, I do know that at least one of our walls will be wearing one of Min Hogg's gorgeous coral wallpapers. They are so beautiful and immediately conjure up images of beachy living.

My favourite of Min's Wallpapers

I'm tempted to totally recreate this bathroom
One of my favourite of her range


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