Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mulberry Lunch Flowers

Since the arrival of the newest Cublet, I've been properly hibernating.  Living life slightly a la Waynetta Slob.  I've spent two months in pyjamas.   Night and day.  Maybe a tracksuit bottom for a good day/special occasion. I've had Nashville on on a loop, pesto pasta for every meal  and all forms of self-beautification felt like a far and distant memory.  I cannot remember the last time my legs saw a moisturiser.  Or I saw them for that matter.  Poor Chaz.  
But last week I ran out of Nashville episodes, the sun put his hat on and I did start to feel slightly more human again.  I got back in my jeans, did the school run with all three and even put on mascara.

And then I went back to work.  My first job, post baby -  flowers for a spring lunch in London at the Mulberry showroom.  The brief was to create a relaxed yet wild feel with green and white flowers and all in takeable-home vases.  So I did a mix of white potted muscari in ribbed, chunky glass jars and Kilner jars bursting with ammi, ranunculas, anemones, blossom and lilac.

Even if I say so myself, they did look pretty special.  Perfect for a spring time wedding in case anyone reading is thinking about that...

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