Monday, 26 January 2015

And then there were three...

Our newest, incredibly divine arrival, is another blue one!  Another darling Cub to add to the pack.  Kit Fox Rocket arrived into the world three weeks ago and I will happily admit that I am on a totally different planet to the one I usually inhabit.  Three boys under five is quite something.  The last three weeks have passed in a total and utter blur and I have no idea how the hell I'm ever going to get anything done ever again. Thankfully my brain has signed off meaning I actually can't think any further than that thought.  I guess Mother Nature's kind like that.

The smallest new Cub

So far, the hardest part has been attempting to give all three equal amounts of love and attention, pretending that the smallest Cub's arrival hasn't changed a thing.  The bigger two are not impressed by this new intruder.   Not remotely enjoying his 24/7 crying or the fact that he gets to cling to me all day long.  The first glimpse of the dodgy-looking tummy button cord on night one sent the bigger one into a total spin. Proper hysteria/hyperventilating for a good hour. And then he wouldn't come anywhere near him until it had fallen off.  

Not wanting to scare them about the whole birthing process, they're blissfully unaware of the agony of my c-section scar.  So to them, seeing as I'm no longer a "massive fatso", my role as playmate/punchbag has been instantly resumed.  Coming up with creative reasons for why I can't yet roll around on the floor being a Ninja Turtle or bounce on the trampoline fighting Lego ninjas, is a full time job in itself. 

Although progress has been made.   He earnt their respect after covering me and my brand new J Crew pyjamas with jet propelled, yellow diarrhoea whilst we were all lying in bed this weekend.  Result.  So slowly, I think we'll get there.  I may be black and blue and covered in poo but I have a good feeling about our new life with three...

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