Saturday, 26 April 2014

If it's good enough for Nikki...

I did a workshop at the Regent's Street Anthropologie store just before Easter and nearly passed out when the Queen of Flowers, Nikki Tibbles, asked if she could come along and join in the class.  No pressure then.  I'll post about the workshop later but wanted to share her review of the morning that I've just been sent.

"I was lucky enough to attend a fabulous workshop last week with Willow Crossley, a florist and passionate creative.  The workshop was to also celebrate the launch of her new book, Inspire: The Art of Living With Nature, which embraces and inspires everything that’s magical outside, on the inside.
Willow combines her knowledge and passion by showing us how to use flowers, beachcombing bounty, home-grown harvests and hedgerow finds to decorate your home.
The fabulous book is divided into five chapters: Woodland, Flora, Fauna, Edibles and Beach. Ideas range from hellebores displayed in test tubes to a garland made from hydrangeas. Spring narcissi planted in wooden wine boxes and a table display incorporating gilded apples and pears.  Displays of pebbles, coral and shells, and sea urchins fashioned into napkin rings.  Hollowed-out red cabbages used as vases, a colourful posy of chillies and a stylish wall display of antlers.
I chatted to Willow as she showed the class how to make hand-crafted, decorative and beautiful napkin rings. It was wonderful to meet someone as passionate and caring about the world we live in; nature is simply beautiful"


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