Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter Workshop

As I mentioned in my last post, the week before Easter, I did a third workshop with Anthropologie.   This time it was in their flagship store on Regent Street.  Like the last couple of times, I was teaching my lovely guests how to make floral wired napkin rings.  And also just like the times before, I was sure no-one would turn up; luckily the turnout was great - even the Queen of Flowers, Nikki Tibbles came. Just in case I wasn't nervous enough.  

I arrived at the crack of dawn to set up my Easter woodland;  a purple sea of muscari, hyacinths, violas, forget-me-nots and tulips - like the last couple of times too - they were arranged in a mossy, log filled woodland. I left the cabbages at home this time and chose to keep things quite tonal using Anthropologie's heavenly gold and blue pottery made by Jardin des Plantes instead.  I used their vases  teapots, sugar bowls and tea cups as containers. There were also some divine little porcelain bunny candlesticks on the shop floor which I pinched to house the quails eggs.  
It was Easter after all... 

Mossy carpet

my tools

Setting up shop

My pupils.  The wondrous Nikki in pink.

The Easter Bunny holding his hollowed out quails egg with spotty quail feathers inside.

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