Saturday, 15 March 2014

Inspire in Vanity Fair

What to read
Meanwhile for enchanting home-craft ideas, it's about Willow Crossley's new book Inspire.

The stitched spine and pretty hardback cover hints at the treats within. Fifty projects to bring the outside in, include making tea light holders from globe artichokes, weaving whispery ferns into delicate wreaths, making edible flower filled ice cubes and creating spectacular hydrangea pompoms. Alongside shop bought flowers, where possible Willow encourages using foraged feathers, beach combed pebbles and hedgerow treasures.

Willow's career started after she moved to France and began writing a blog.  An agent spotted the blog and soon after Crossley published her first book -The Art of Handmade Living. She has since moved to Oxfordshire with her husband and young boys, from where Willow works as an interior dresser (she'll spruce up your house with fresh fabric and furniture ideas) as well as writing and trying out new design and creative ideas.

For crafting novices or young families, Crossley's is the perfect starter book. Simple ideas, well explained with the prettiest of pictures. Inspire is a must for the Easter holidays.

Inspire by Willow Crossley, £16.99.  Published by Cico Books. Exclusively stocked instore and online at Anthropologie, to buy click here.

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