Monday, 17 February 2014

Madcap Cottage

I was sitting in a grey, cold waiting room this morning, flicking through an ancient magazine and came across the most vibrantly, bright, crazily decorated house, that surprise surprise, made me want to re-decorate all over again.  It was a real Marmite house.  You'd either love it or think it's the most revolting thing you've ever seen.  I'm in the former gang and have been drooling over the decorators's other creations ever since.  The house in question was the masterpiece and home of interior duo John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon.  The New York-based designers own Madcap Cottage Inc, a design house which is all about the F words. "Frisky, fabulous, and fun to be around.” (Their words not mine) I think their aim to fill the world in 'color-rich whimsy and sophistication' and to banish beige and boring couldn't be a better motto for life if it tried.  Thank God I didn't come across their creations before our weekend of no power - I dread to think what the house would be looking like this morning if I had.

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