Thursday, 30 January 2014

Green Magma Magic

So, the new year, new healthy living isn't going quite to plan.   The intentions are still there - I'm still swimming every day and generally still eating less refined, more natural, good-for-you foods.  I just can't give up cake.  Or Dairy Milk.  

I don't know how I've never written about our green miracle - especially banging on about my health kick a few weeks ago.   But it's actually drinking it every morning that makes me feel we could eat anything and get away with it.  It's that magic.  It was recommended to us by the wizardly Mr Lee - and now we, and my whole family, are obsessed with it.  You drink it every morning - wait 20 minutes before eating anything and then carry on as normal.  Full of  antioxidants, chlorophyll, active enzymes, vitamins - if I carry on you'll switch off - but you get the idea.  It's an energy giving, digestion sorting, ph balancing, metabolism supporting miracle that I can't get enough of.  

I promise I dont secretly work for them and if you want to read all about the technicalities of how it actually works, click here.

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