Sunday, 19 January 2014

Career Meltdown

I'm having a bit of a career-mid-life-crisis. I woke up on January 1st, excited.  Excited about my work and what I was going to do next.  My second book is about to come out and I was determined that this would be the last year of earning so little I don't have to pay tax. And now I've hit a wall.  We went away last week to Canouan, a heavenly Caribbean island, where I was sure I would come up with a game plan.  I would come home clear headed and sorted, raring to go.  Instead, I feel more disillusioned and confused than ever.  My brain has frozen.  Hence no posts for the last two weeks.  

My problem is that there are too many things that I want to do and I can't decide what to commit to.  I flit in and out of love with the idea of each one on a daily basis.    I feel the time has come to make an actual decision.  So the choices are; interior styling or floristry.   Or completely changing tack by starting up a shop or cafe.

Ideally I'd like to combine everything. Ideally, a nice billionaire would back me and I'd rent a beautiful, white-washed, airy, light filled space and set up an all in one cafe, gallery, shop, florist and office- where I'd work on interior projects.  And  write book number three. And ideally, it would be a success. Chaz tells me it's impossible to make money in retail these days. Unless your name is Philip Green. And this is where the problem lies. Maybe an accountancy course might be a better place to start.  
On that note, I think it's time to go back to burying my head in the sand…


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Polly Ingestre said...

Hi Willow, I absolutely adore your blog, but love it even more now after reading your latest post. Firstly, I totally know your confusion. I have exactly the same issues - juggling four little people, wanting to be a natural skincare extraordinaire, trying to be a good wife and Mummy and keeping my house looking like a White Company brochure (it looks nothing like it in reality!!). I often find myself doing everything half heartedly and nothing at a 100%. But that's because life is hard to control - you simply can't predict when your children are going to be ill, or your husband needs you or someone needs you and you have to drop everything. I have been trying to write my natural skincare blog for about three years and something else always comes first. This January I had exactly the same word with myself as you, something has to give and I am now making a concerted effort to find time to write my blog. A friend put one of those saying things up on facebook a while ago that said 'luck doesn't make you rich, hard work does'. That was enough of a kick up the bottom for me!

By the way, in terms of retail - your husband is right, it is jolly hard to make it big, but the internet is making it so much easier. Your website is fantastic, just keep plugging away at it.

Urrrggghhh sorry, I've just realised I've ranted on and on - I only wanted to leave a positive note!
Best wishes
Polly Ingestre x