Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Miracle Dust

It seems that no one really likes their own hair.  Even people who I think have really good hair seem to be desperate for someone else's.   I for one am constantly battling with mine.  It's definitely going through some sort of mid life crisis as I write and I am completely baffled as to what it is that it needs.  Lots fell out six months after each of the Cubs's arrivals and I was just about back on track again when hey presto, we're back in meltdown city again.  I've tried everything.  Mousses, sprays, serums, dry shampoo and nothing really works. It's permanently flat, limp, dull and frizzy.
It hasn't answered all my prayers but I have recently found a small pot of treasure to fill in the gaps - quite literally- while I continue to hunt for the holy grail of the hair kingdom. 

It's called Expanda Dust made by Unite and its purpose is to 'add volume and texture with just one puff'.  The bottle is so light it feels empty - and all you have to do is sprinkle a few bits of this magical iridescent powder where you want it - i.e. the flat, limp bits, leave for a few seconds, juge it up and as if my magic you instantly have full on Hollywood volume.  I've got to go to a hen party as Pamela Anderson in a few weeks and I now have absolutely no need for the wig part at all.  All I need to concentrate on now is slipping into that lovely red swimming costume...

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