Monday, 11 November 2013

J Crew Love

Every week Chaz and I while away many an hour working out how we are going to spend the forthcoming £80 million lottery winnings that we are obviously about to win.  It's always pretty identical to the week before; A month in the Maldives, a house in London, a swanky new car... A cleaner, new curtains and a whole new, big, shiny, massive wardrobe for me. I often then have to choose only one shop to spend my share of the winnings. Until now, it's always been Chloe.  Hands down, no questions asked.  I then went to the J Crew shop that's just opened on Brompton Cross. I love you Chloe but I'm moving on.
People have been raving about J Crew for years and I now get it.  I could quite happily throw out my whole wardrobe and start again here.  It's full of the most exquisite treasures I've seen in a long time.  Jewelled sweatshirts, cashmere in every possible colour in every possible shape; Printed, pouffy, party skirts; metallic brocade trousers, sparkly collared cashmere overcoats...  And the shoes. I've written about these before but all lined up together, words cannot explain their beauty.
The slight problem is the price tags.  They are supposedly three times more expensive here than they are in the States. Lying in bed last night I was trying to work if it was actually cheaper to buy a flight to the US, stock up over there and come home again.
But then I suppose if I've got £80 million to play with, who really cares?

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