Thursday, 29 August 2013

Liberty and Barbour

I'm never quite sure how I feel about a Barbour.  Instinctively, I'm not a fan.  I've always felt like a bit of a country frump when I put one on.  Saying that my Mum has a slightly fitted one which is lined with a Liberty rose print and I'm recently, secretly quite taken with it. Staying with my parents in Wales I always head straight for the most hideous, ill fitting coat to go for a walk, shunning anything remotely fitted or presentable.  The older and muddier the better.  A fifteen year old, men's XXXL tartan cashmere shirt that comes to my knees is the absolute top choice. My brothers and I fight over it.  However, I recently got sent some photos of the Cubs and I and call me vain, but me and my monster coat completely mar the pictures.  
The combination of that and the new Liberty/ Barbour collaboration has made me re-think my outdoor wardrobe.  The bigger Cub is already so wardrobe conscious I'm surprised he even let me out of the house dressed as I was.

If they're good enough for Alexa...

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