Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Telegraph Magazine

This article is from this weekend's Telegraph Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Looks stunning - any behind the scenes shots for us!

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to find out who designed your conservatory?



Willow Rose Boutique said...

Hi Pete, yes of course, it was Roderick James.
Hope that helps!

Mark Glynne-Jones, Burford said...

Nice piece.

Seeing your name reminded me I must get back to Berriew again (Grandfather vicar during 1960/70's).

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow

I loved your article in the Telegraph
on 8th December and i have been trying to discover the curtain fabric used in the kitchen, without success!

Can you help please

With many thanks

Lynn Peake

Willow Rose Boutique said...

Dear Lynne,
Im afraid that I didnt put them in actually so im not sure who designed them. Im trying to find out for you though.
Best Willow