Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Elf

I think Chaz was an elf in a former life. I love Christmas a lot but I'm used to my family who generally decorate the tree on the 20th December.  And maybe hang a wreath on the door/garland over the fire place around the 10th if feeling particularly festive.   So I watched with amazement and wonder when come 3pm on December 1st he had turned the whole house into something that wouldn't look out of place in Lapland.  
I adore his festive excitement.  It's completely contagious.  I feel being the supposed 'crafty' one in our family that it should actually be me decking the halls;   Though Im secretly concerned that I couldn't come close to conjuring up anything nearly as sparklingly brilliant if I did try and compete.
My contribution so far, has been honeycomb balls. Not much I know.  But I have a fascination- verging on obsession- with them and am currently trying to fill every room in the house with them.

There's two weeks to go which means I've still got time to come up with some kind of festive vision.  Not that the Elf will probably deem it worthy of his grotto but at least I'm keeping up his festive spirit.

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