Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Time for a Lie down.

Yesterday was the first time that I've been alone with both Cubs, all day, by myself;
After a string of up-all-nighters, it was never going to be the easiest.
I got a glimpse of what was ahead of me when I sprayed what I thought was dry shampoo into my hair and it turned out to be strawberry flavoured deodorant instead.
Then, while having breakfast, trying to convince Cub Senior that he had 100% of my attention, I turned my head for a micro-milli second, to find him, "ta-da-ing", arms in the air celebrating that he was now wearing his bowl of cereal- milk included - as a hat.
Subconsciously, I think I wanted to prove to myself that I could easily cope single handedly and decided a trip to the supermarket seemed the perfect opportunity to test this theory. After some military style planning, I decided the mission would be easilyaccomplishable with a magic combo of baby sling and a trolley with one of those seats in. Great, until we pulled into the multi story car park and I realised the baby sling was still sitting on the kitchen table. Meanwhile, Big Cub's shouts of 'Wake Oooop" - in his newly adopted Yorkshire accent - had succeeded and the smaller one, was now going mental.
We end up with Cub senior in the magic trolley chair and the smallest one, in his baby seat, in the food section of the trolley. Feeling rather pleased with myself we headed into the shop. The problem presented itself pretty quickly in the potato aisle; picking up a large sack, guess what, there's no where to put them. The next ten minutes is spent trying to bargain with Cub Senior to allow me to put the shopping, on top of him, in his little area. Cutting a very long, painful story short, it all ended in tears, (mine) when I moronically asked him to hold a box of eggs. No prizes for guessing what happened.
My lesson is now well and truly learnt. I don't think I will be leaving the house for at least another year or two...

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