Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The New Small Cub

I've been attempting to write a post for about a week now but such is the extent of my baby brain, I haven't got further than one line. And even that didn't make any sense. So here goes, attempt number six...

If you've read any of my previous posts you have probably gathered that I have just had another baby. We've had another divine - if I do say so myself - little boy, called Rafferty Lyon. So we now have two Cubs. One each of the Wolf and the Lyon variety. He is so heavenly and couldn't be more chilled out if he tried. Definitely taking after Chaz so far. Cub Senior adores his new friend. Most of my energy is spent trying to shower them both with equal amounts of love and attention, the rest goes on trying to sensitively stop Cub Senior squashing Cub Junior with one of his half hourly squeeeeezes or ensuring that he can still breathe after one of his 'special kisses' - basically a sloppy lick.

Smallest new Cub

I always presumed with a second baby people wouldn't be as interested as they were first time round. Flowers and presents would be slightly thinner on the ground and there wouldn't be so many people wanting to help out. I couldn't have been more wrong and we have been inundated with more teddies, bouquets and help than I know what to do with. I feel a bit like Lady Muck sitting around being waited on hand and foot, not allowed to lift a finger.

Obviously I've loved them all but there have been two presents that have been completely magical. The first was a huge parcel of home cooked delights from the Food Stork sent by our divine friend Hattie. A hamper filled with healthy, delicious feasts, a box of brownies cooked by the Gods and banana and poppy seed cake, also sent from above. The last thing in the world I feel like doing at the moment is thinking about cooking, let alone actually doing it. Definitely in the top ten most thoughtful presents ever list.

Also up there is the heavenly bracelet sent over from our Singapore based besties. It's a gold coin charm sensation with the Cubs names and birthdays engraved on each side and threaded onto a gorgeous piece of Liberty Lawn fabric. Definitely never coming off.

If you're feeling jealous you can get one too at www.mercimaman.co.uk

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Anonymous said...

He looks lovely, congratulations xx