Monday, 16 January 2012

White Pod

Chaz and I have been planning my 30th birthday party for about five years now. We still haven't ever made an actual decision about what we want to do or even where we want to go. It's still over a year away but we happily wile away many an hour going over every possibility. Moroccan Riads, beach villas in Bali or Cape Town being the ideas that we keep coming back to.
Given the choice I will always choose sun over snow but yesterday has left me maybe thinking otherwise. I came across the eco skiing resort, Whitepod in the small Swiss village of Les Cerniers. It's a tiny private resort that is built each season from scratch using totally ecologically friendly materials and only has 15 'pods'. There is one main hang out area that can fit 80 people (perfect for the party) and then come ski time, you have 7kms of your own pistes and private lifts.

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