Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pretty as a Pansy

After the Cub arrived life was a million times easier if I was wearing some kind of top with buttons down the front. Easy access. (for feeding).
The first few weeks were spent in a daze, lolling around in one of Chaz's tartan numbers but after a while I got sick of looking like a small trucker and was desperate for something slightly more feminine. Living in France you would imagine it would be an easy task to pop out and find something pretty but in reality ended up shipping over (pretty hideous) bits and pieces from the UK. Being in a permanent state of exhaustion with blurred vision meant that my choices weren't what I'd usually go for. A particularly hideous sparkly tartan one from Uniqlo keeps popping up in my memory...
So this time, I'm going to be better prepared. I'm very excited about my first find, this silk pansy print shirt from Warehouse. On the Warehouse website it tells me it's silk - not ideal with a new cherub - but on the site it's claiming to be polyester so I'm going to believe the latter so I can tick off the pretty and practical boxes on my mental check list and not feel guilty about splashing out on something I'm not going to be able to wear for another six months.

Pansy sensation £55 available from

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