Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dream Head board

I'm trying to remain calm and rational about this 'Juliet' headboard. I've just read that they don't ship internationally though so this is proving quite hard. How do I get this from LA to here? If anyone would like to go and get it for me it'd make me very happy indeed...


Unknown said...

I can't bring it to you but I'm letting you know that there is always the option to DIY. Before i read your blog I was actually just researching DIY headboards because I too want something beautiful for my bedroom in my high-rise apartment in downtown vancouver. I found this website if your willing to get someone to do the work and all you have to do is shop for beautiful fabric :)

i love the updates on your renovations of the new home as i am an interior designer! i wrote to you once asking about those moccasins i seen you blogged about once and i left a comment on your painted bathroom. great blog i love your style.

do you have Pinterest? i think its something you would quite enjoy. follow me Andy Skye :)


saramalakul said...

Im in LA if you are serious !! Im loving your blog :-) read it religiously. Congrats on your second pregnancy !! Love and hugs

Sara (your old packwood friend)xx