Thursday, 17 February 2011

Za Za for Zara

Everyone loves a handbag. Everyone really loves a gorgeous, bargain handbag. I have been seriously spoilt in the bag department in the past and if I do say so myself have a pretty impressive collection of designer beauties. Anyway since The Cub arrived it doesn't seem right to be spending a fortune on yet another bag. As much as I'm gagging for a new one - I cant believe I think like this now - a new Gucci number costs the same as a year supply of nappies. So I popped into Zara to get some of their very cool leopard print ballets shoes and ended up wondering round the shop clutching about five of the most gorgeous, well made, swanky looking handbags i'd seen in a long time. I was in a total frenzy of excitement. Obviously my new restrained self had to put them all back. Ok maybe I kept one, but they were seriously beautiful, 100% leather, Celine and Marni-esque bags. What was I meant to do? No one in a million years would be able to guess that they were from Zara. When I bumped into mega-stylist Martha Ward that night, swinging one of their red and gold studded pouches from her arm, no-one could believe that it wasn't a Marni creation. Most definitely worth a look. I promise.

Some of Zara's bags in stores at the moment
from £49

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