Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson is currently my biggest creative inspiration. An artist/designer, she spends her time experimenting with photography, print and cut, constantly creating genius new designs and experiences. I found her website a few weeks ago and cant stop going back for more.

My favourite of her designs is a wedding invitation she created on a handkerchief. A couple wanted an invitation that was functional but also something their guests could keep and treasure as a souvenir at the same time. The handkerchiefs are hand printed with a beautifully designed map, showing how to get to the wedding venue with special landmarks on the way.

Below is the end result. It's enough to make me want to renew my vows just so we can have something as cool as this second time round.

The finished product

The handkerchiefs before they were cut

Close up detail of the invitations

To see more of her genius ideas and how a step by step guide to how she makes them, have a look at

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