Monday, 20 December 2010

Hattie Rickards Revealed

I recently wrote about my friend Hattie Rickards and her jewellery collection for fairtrade jewellery company Made. Since then she has launched her own collection and I am honestly, completely blown away by the beauty and amazingness of it. The launch collection, called Revealed, is all made using 18ct Fairtrade gold and precious stones. Lots of the pieces are kinetic - jewelled barrels spin, rough uncut diamonds can be flipped back and forwards, it's all very tactile and feels unbelievably luxurious to wear. Each piece really is a vision but if I had to go for one it'd be the Bullet or the Raw Crown. Or maybe the Revolver.

Bantam Ring
18ct fairtrade gold with precious stones

The Revolver
18ct fairtrade gold with precious stones and kinetic rotating barrell

Raw Crown
18ct fairtrade gold with rough cut diamonds

The Bullet
18ct fairtrade gold with precious stones

Hattie Rickards rings start at about £2000

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