Saturday, 20 December 2014

December Florals

I feel I should apologise for my absence.

I haven't posted anything for far too long - as much as I've wanted to do - I'd been compiling the Christmas wish list for months - I just haven't had a second to do it.  Plus, country living has rendered us without phone lines and internet for weeks.  So it's not entirely my fault.  I thought I'd share my photo album for the last month showing what I've been up to so to prove I haven't been just sitting around slacking, getting fatter.  On that note, I can't quite believe just how soon the third small person will be here.  This weekend is going to spent organising/buying sterilisers/washing tiny baby grows.

Doing a Christmasy shoot with Jo Malone London in their London townhouse.

A 60th Lunch in a London restaurant.

A woodland, winter wonderland 40th Birthday party.

A Christmas breakfast for Jo Malone London.

A christmas lunch at Daylesford Organic.

A Christmas dinner at a client's house.

A christening at Blenheim Palace.

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