Saturday, 16 August 2014

Feeling Festie

As I mentioned in my last post, the last few months have been pretty non stop.  My biggest and definitely most exciting news, is that we're having another baby.  A third, teeny, tiny little Cub to add to the pack.  I am beyond excited but did spend the first few months feeling very sorry for myself, lying on the kitchen floor, trying not to be sick.  Hence why the posting has been on the rather minimal side.

Port Eliot house and festival

I'm now feeling right as rain and have been gallivanting round the country doing wedding flowers and workshops at various festivals.  
The highlight was undoubtedly working with Anthropologie again at Port Eliot. - A small, artsy-crafty, literary festival held in the gardens of a beautiful private house in St Germans, Cornwall.  I was one of Anthro's five artists and led a series of pebble painting classes each evening - complete with my very own Sipsmith Gin bar. The festival itself was wonderful, nothing like I've ever been to before.   Very, very small, for all ages and days were filled with swimming in the river, workshops and talks rather than being glued to a music stage.  My highlights were listening to the Helmsley sisters and Suzy Menkes, being adorned with fresh flower crowns by the Flower Appreciation Society and learning how to make a silver starfish from a cuttle fish with jeweller Catherine Zoraida (fellow Anthropologie artist).

Rose 'Debbie Magee' in the walled garden

the walled garden

mid action in my pebble painting workshop in the Anthro tent

Fortnum & Mason pop up coffee shop

casting in cuttle fish

workshop schedule at Port Eliot

my wall in the Anthropologie tent at Port Eliot

Wilderness was last weekend and rather more handily located down the road.  Being pregnant it was slightly calmer than last summer and we spent a lot of time wandering around the food stalls with the Cubs.  The mac and cheese van being my clear winner; I had it for lunch three days running. On the sunday afternoon I held a flower crown making workshop in the Sanctuary area which was run by Wild Well Being. It was initially going to be held outside under a flower festooned, pagoda type structure but half an hour before we started, the biggest storm of all time decided to grace us with it's presence.  So inside we went to a nearby yurt. There were about 35 of us in total and using the vintage silk and velvet flowers that I'd sourced in LA, I taught them how to make the crowns.  I found it fascinating just how different each person's creation was despite using exactly the same the ingredients.

entrance to the Sanctuary

my workshop ingredients

my workshop

Early bird tickets for Wilderness 2015 are now on sale

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