Saturday, 5 July 2014

Blackberry Arranging

I was very tempted to give myself another whole year to finish my latest book, Inspire.  The only reason being that it would have meant my all time favourite wild rubus (blackberries)- could've been included.
I didn't - and now every time I pass a blackberry bush I kick myself wishing my timing had been better.  I went to the flower market at Nine Elms this week and the first thing I fell upon was an enormous blue bucket, bursting with blackberry stems.  

I think there's something so magical about these shiny, jewel like berries.  I adore them in arrangements and they're pretty hardcore and long lasting too so are great in bouquets too - just remember to remove the spikes on the stems beforehand.

Buckets full at Covent Garden on Monday

 Classical urn arrangement

Dahlias and berries

Tomatoes, berries, beans and apples

Heavenly scented rose, sage and berries from the Real Flower Company

My hedgerow pickings before they turn into actual berries

Love this one

Proper blackberry vision from Franse vaas met bramen

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