Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Interview with Ned of Not Another Bill

I wanted to share this fab interview about my brother Ned, the genius behind Not Another Bill.

Take a tour of the Not Another Bill studio

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Not Another Bill was set up by Ned Corbett-Winder, who, in 2011, made it his mission to surprise and delight people by sending them gifts by post every month and introducing them to great artists, designers and brands in the process (yes, it’s possibly the happiest brand philosophy we’ve ever heard too). Ned invited us in for a snoop around the N.A.B. studio, where we discovered a healthy collection of one-off design pieces and stacks of beautifully packaged surprises.
How would you describe your studio style?
Eclectic magpie’s nest meets scandinavian concept store with a sprinkle of cardboard box factory.

Who or what is your inspiration?

Inspiration is a hard question to pin down it’s root or exact sources. Our ethos is about providing joy through the mail, and introducing our subscribers to great artist, designers and brands.
Who would be your dream collaborator? 

We’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some of our favorite brands so far but we’d have to say Paul Smith or even Liberty’s would be up there with our dream collaborations.
What do you wish you’d created, designed or invented?
Funnily enough I used to believe I was going to be an inventor when I grew up; I used to come up with ingenious ideas for things around the house. I thought I struck gold when I came up with the idea of a silent dog toy. The toy still made the squeaky noise dogs love but the valve was customized so that it sounded at a higher frequency that humans couldn’t hear. Annoyingly, an American company beat me to the patent and they are now sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere.

We hear you’re a Sunbury Antiques Market regular. Do you have any tips for how to find a beautiful bargain?

Sunbury is a great market and I’d count myself as a regular. But I can’t help but feel that a real bargain is becoming increasingly harder to find, as prices have slowly been on the rise along with it’s popularity. The saying about the early bird catching the Sunbury market bargain worm would still be the best piece of advice.
What is your most treasured personal item? 
I have magpie-like hoarding tendencies and seem to collect a lot of these such items. My most treasured though would have to either be my Uniform Wares watch from my wife, or a giant slingshot made for me by artist Chris Jarratt.
Do you have any secret skills or party tricks? 

I can tell the weight and postage price of any item by simply looking at it.
What’s your idea/definition of ‘comfy’?

A sleeper train on a Friday evening down to Cornwall when there is howling a gale outside your cabin. Or my new pair of Nike Stefan Janoski air max trainers.

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