Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Home Barn

I've been longing to go to Home Barn ever since I found their website whilst hunting for taxidermy beetles.  I finally made it there last week and cannot believe that I've been missing out on this place for so long. It felt like walking onto a film set.  A huge, freezing cold barn, crammed full of antiques and treasures; industrial lighting, swathes of flags, taxidermy creatures and botanical drawings on every wall.  My dreams come true.  The downside being nothing was a bargain.  Though unlike so many of the places trying to do this - there's no rubbish here.  Everything is great.  There's no pretend vintage, no dodgy replicas.    

 The shop is in Little Marlow, junction 4 off the M40.  If you can't get to the actual shop they sell online at www.homebarnshop.co.uk 

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