Friday, 30 March 2012

Swanky New Do

Since the Cubs have arrived on this planet, having a hair do has become the biggest luxury ever. Hours of sitting in peace, reading magazines, drinking tea and- in the last case - eating Parmesan. My do last week took things to another level. I was treated to probably the swankiest- and best, cut and colour that I've ever had at Rossano Ferretti's new Mayfair salon.

I should have guessed what was in store when I arrived at the four storey town house - William Morris's old office no less - to be welcomed by the salon's own security guard. Don't you just love knowing that you hair is safe at all times?

Inside is mega swanky. All black and white minimalist chic sprinkled with gorgeous vintage chandeliers. Apart from my colourist, balayage pro, Jack and Pol, who cut my hair, I didn't see one other person (except when a tray of Prosecco and parmesan appeared in front of me) It felt like being in a very exclusive, private club. For the first time- maybe ever, my hair, face, lifestyle and look was all analysed and taken into account before they started to work their magic. Proper VIP treatment; none of the usual robotic, painting by numbers approach that a lot of hairdressers work by.
You forget how great a good hair do can make you feel. I walked out three hours later feeling and looking a hell of a lot better - if I do say so myself. I then spent most of the time on my girlie night out swooshing my new shiny locks at anyone who glanced in my direction.

For anyone needing some proper hair attention, a bit of revamp or just some serious luxury, may I suggest you hop foot it toute- suite down to 17 St Georges Street.

For a cut Pol Garcia is a sensation - you'll never see a technique like it - and for anything colour orientated, Jack Howard is your man.

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