Friday, 9 December 2011

Tree Time

I'm not quite sure what planet I'm on at the moment. I've been looking forward to this moment for probably a year. And now it's here. I have finished my book. All the writing and all the shooting - done.
I haven't really been quite sure what to do with myself today. I've been so manic for the past few months and used to frantically grabbing any free second I could find to write my copy, plan the shoot, choose fonts etc that I've completely forgotten how to not be busy.

I obviously couldn't go full on cold turkey with nothing to do straight away and so have the got builders back again this week. The Cub thinks that Luca the painter, or Oooooca, as he calls him - is the best thing since sliced bread and has decided to make himself his right hand man. I left for five minutes to do the coffee run this morning and returned to find my small Cub masquerading as a small blue Smurf; head to to in blue paint. In his mouth, his hair, all over his clothes. Not a millimetre left untouched.
Hosing him down kept me busy for at least an hour. The rest of my two hour lunch break was spent ordering the Christmas tree. Much harder than it sounds but I finally tracked one down and it's being delivered by a company called the Good Elf, for free, tomorrow...
So the rest of this week is going to be spent decking the house with boughs of Holly, making festive wreaths and trying to decide if eighty chipolatas - the most important part of Christmas - is going to be enough or not....

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a little luciousness said...

Good Elf are great - they've just delivered our Christmas tree at work :)