Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wallpaper v Shoes

Interiors always used to bore me until quite recently. I guess until you have somewhere of your own to decorate you can't really imagine that hunting for fabrics and wallpapers or agonising over paint colours that look identical could be remotely enjoyable.

I realised this new found love the other day when faced with all the usual magazine choices, Vogue, Red, Instyle etc and I was strangely drawn to the interiors section instead. For the first time I chose Elle Deco over normal Elle. I think I got just as many butterflies yesterday going into Pimpernel on the New Kings Road as I did when I saw the new Isabel Marant Collection in the Bluebird. Is this what happens to you when you have a baby?
I think it's after being the size of a house when pregnant, then being permanently covered in sick for so many months that spending money on clothes kind of looses it's allure.
Saying that I've only been here for two weeks and haven't managed to be quite as restrained as hoped.

Here are my latest buy.

Made especically for the opening of her New York boutique these Isabel beauties have 6cms of heel hidden inside.

Getting me just as excited as my new trainers is a beautiful wallpaper I've found from Pierre Frey. There is slight problem with the price but Im thinking maybe one wall might be enough in a less is more kind of way?

Pierre Frey Erevan wallpaper in Cardinal

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